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From the desk of Jack Ellis

Dear Friend:

What do women say about you?

Here are some examples of what they've been saying about me:

"Hmmm you beautiful man you..."

"Jack's electrical play is fucking amazing. Lights, massage, current inside my pussy, and all of it set to music. He said it would take me to another orbit... um... hell yeah!"

"I am thankful to have someone who is so great!!"

"I am feeling like there is more to life than I ever thought possible."

What Made Them Say Such Things?

Is it due to my good looks and charm?

Not quite.

It has happened for one reason, and one reason only:

I'm capable of creating unforgettable sexual experiences for them - and you can, too.

From the sexual underground I've learned the darkest methods available for putting women under your spell... a spell that can never be broken, because you've anchored so many good feelings to yourself.

For the past five years I've been perfecting these techniques and will now share them with a select few.

Now I'll share one of the primary reasons I learned all these wild ideas...

FACT: "Women Are Having More Affairs Than Ever"

According to Dr David Holmes, a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, women are having more affairs than ever.

It shouldn't come as a surprise.

If you live in the United States it's difficult to watch a television program without seeing one of those commercials.

You know what I'm talking about.

It seems that a man cannot be in a television commercial any more unless a woman is telling him what to do and/or watching him make a fool out of himself!

This is the latest effort in a long propaganda war that I don't have the time to get into here, but I can sum up the effect of this propaganda in 4 words:

Most Men Are Wimps!

Is it any wonder why most women get bored with most men?

It doesn't have to be that way, but it usually is.

One of the most certain - and most fun - ways to make sure any woman is loyal to you is make sure she has the greatest sexual experiences of her life with you.

Will You Be One Of The Chosen Few Who Discover...

  • How to progressively remove her inhibitions and get her to do anything you want
  • The secrets of SAKURA, or "Tying the Cherry" - ancient Japanese rope bondage revealed
  • Exactly how to "test" the woman you're with to see if she's into kinky sex
  • An all-too-common mistake most men make that ensures they'll NEVER get a woman to open up all the way. Don't do this!
  • The easy way to give a woman multiple, mind-blowing orgasms
  • The thrill of including electricity in the bedroom explained
  • Negate her "sexual bargaining power" so she sees YOU as the one to impress, not the other way around
  • "Supercharge" a "good" sex life and make it the best ever
  • The biggest challenge you'll face on your path to sexual mastery - and how to overcome it
  • A behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on in a woman's mind
  • Powerful sexual techniques demystified and decoded. So simple even a dummy could use them!
What If You Could Access Her Hidden Dreams And Make Them Real?

It's been said that when women are in love and sexually satisfied they act very "girly."

I can vouch for that, because it's happened in my life several times.

Wouldn't you enjoy an attractive woman cleaning your place and doing the dishes while you kick back and relax - and when she's done she thanks you for allowing her to clean up?

This may seem far removed from your reality because you've never experienced it before, but I can tell you it happens every day, all over the world.

In fact, I personally know two men locally who are well-versed in these secrets.   One is 45 years old and is dating a 22-year old stripper who is absolutely CRAZY about him.

The other recently turned 50 and his wife is 28.

Your Blood Will Freeze
When You Learn:

  • How to construct a "live" private porn show - with you and your partner as the stars!
  • Proven formulas that get any woman so excited she'll literally beg you to "do it!"
  • How to get her to clean your house, run your errands, and more - stop being a slave to women and become a MASTER
  • How to anchor her favorite music to the thought of receiving sexual pleasure from YOU
  • Learn exactly what is involved in a successful, off-the-charts sex life - and keep it that way
  • How to do all this on a budget - you can get many of the supplies you need at the local Dollar Store!
  • How a device once used by the Chicago Police as a torture implement can bring untold pleasures
  • Did you know that "hard work" on your part may not be the answer?
  • Cultivate the "secret quality" that draws women in like moths to a flame
  • Eliminate all possibility of her "pulling your strings" and take command of your relationships with women
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For one thing, this is not an "ebook" - this is a real book - a thick, comb-bound manual that will be mailed to you via Priority Mail - and shipping is FREE anywhere in the world

This isn't a re-hash of topics covered 1000 times in other places, like all the "squirting" manuals and videos you've seen.   I put it together myself and it consists of original material that has never been published before.

As a matter of fact, some of the ideas in this course are so cutting edge that they will soon be featured in an international fetish magazine published out of Belgium.

How many other "gurus" can say that?

Against All Odds, You Can Be The One Who Knows:

  • The #1 key to creating exciting, fun, and memorable encounters - ignore this and you'll likely end up hurting your girl or yourself
  • Advanced tactics to use with women who want to take it "all the way"
  • How to design her "dream scenarios" and make them come true
  • A way to take a girl "out of her body" and amaze her during sex
  • Women's "rape" fantasies explained - and how you can fulfill them safely and ethically
  • Attract women half your age because they're intrigued by what you can do
  • Discover the tips and tactics that other men have no clue about... their loss is definitely your gain!
  • Ways to take her favorite movies or books and create unforgettable orgasmic experiences with them
  • "Jedi mind tricks" of psychology you can use to make her obey your commands
  • The "mental flaw" most men have that has turned them into SLAVES of women!

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September 28, 2011